Nutraceutical Exports from India – We are living in a global village. With advanced technology and innovations, every sector from gadgets to transport has caught a smooth and effective speed. If we talk about the healthcare industry, then it has also improved to a new level. For developing countries like India, the exporting of healthcare products including nutraceutical products is becoming popular and beneficial. Every day, millions of medicines are exported by India to serve a healthy cure to other countries’ people. In this guide, we will uncover everything you need to know about Nutraceutical Exports from India.

The exports of nutraceutical products from India not only offer healthy benefits to other countries’ people but also play a remarkable role in improving financial relationships with foreign countries and creating new opportunities. As per the report published by Invest India, there are more than 3000 pharmaceutical companies that play a significant role in the global pharma industry. With around 200 nations receiving Indian Pharmaceutical exports, our country India has the become 3rd largest exporter of pharma products.

We are proud to say that we have also dedicated our lives to offering a better and healthier life to the people. Secure Life Pharmaceuticals is an emerging third-party nutraceutical company that supplies premium and healthy quality supplements in all forms including tablets, capsules, syrups, sachets, etc. All our products are ISO and GMP-certified, ensuring safe, healthy, and positive impacts on the body.

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Indian Nutraceutical Size in the Global Pharmaceutical Market

With constant hard work, dedication, and an aim to offer better treatment to every single person, India has become one of the prominent exporters of nutraceuticals in the global pharma industry. In the last 9 years, India’s drug and pharma exports have grown by around 125%.

According to the report presented by Investor Portal, in 2017, the Indian market held only a 2% market share of the global nutraceutical market and is estimated to grow to USD 11 Billion by the year 2023 at a CAGR of 21% and hold a 3.5% of market share of the global market. In FY20, the pharmaceutical exports from India were projected at USD 16.2 billion.

About Nutraceutical Exports from India | Secure Life Pharmaceuticals

Our company is headquartered in India but has a trustworthy international presence in the nutraceutical industry. We export ISO and GMP-certified nutraceuticals to other nations as well. Our commitment to health, safety, and excellence is the reason people from other countries are also choosing our company to fulfill their nutritional needs.

Moreover, we export high-quality nutraceutical products at affordable prices so that the customers don’t have to compromise on the quality to save their money. All our products undergo clinical trials before we export and supply them to our customers, ensuring credibility and safety.
We are a licensed third-party nutraceutical manufacturing company. From packaging to delivering, our team always remains careful and meets the legal requirements to export our products.

We export our products in five countries, which are:

1. Bangladesh
2. Nepal
3. Cambodia
4. Philippines
5. Sri Lanka

Our Portfolio of Top Quality Nutraceutical Products Exports from India

Below is a complete list of our high-quality nutraceutical products that we export to the above nations

1. Multivitamins Capsules for both men and women
2 Sports Nutrition
3. Pre and Pro Biotic Capsules
4. Muscle and weight gainer Protein products
5. Medicines for Liver Health
6. Omega 3 fatty acids capsules for heart health
7. Syrups for Brain Health
8. Corel Capsule for strong bones
9. Immunity Booster products
10. Sachets to treat urinary infections and many more

For more product details, select the tab ” Our Products”.

What Makes Secure Life Pharmaceutical a Prominent Nutraceutical Exporter in India

With years of experience in the Pharmaceutical field, we have earned the expertise and trust of numerous customers from our country India as well as other nations. Our mission is to help people to lead wealthy life because we believe “Health is wealth”.

Below are the reasons why all our products are appreciated by aboard countries, making us a leading nutraceutical exporter in India

1. We utilize advanced technology to manufacture exclusive quality nutraceuticals.
2. Our team is staffed with highly educated professionals who always remain ahead in the game.
3. We supply and export ISO and GMP-certified nutraceutical units.
4. We always listen to our customer’s concerns and offer them customized and innovative solutions.
5. Our exceptional range of nutraceuticals is manufactured in a hygienic environment.
6. We don’t run after money. We export a wide range of nutraceuticals at cost-effective prices
7. Our firm has brilliant expertise to handle and deal with any unexpected challenges that may arise in the healthcare industry.
8. We also have a strong and reliable network with other renowned pharma companies.
9. From capsules to sachets, our nutraceuticals contain a significant amount of composition that is essential for healthy body functioning.

Documents Required for Nutraceutical Exports from India

Without completing the legal requirements by the Indian Authority, it is impossible to export nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals to other countries. Exporting the medicines without these documents you cannot protect your firm from legal actions.

If you are a pharmaceutical company and want to export your medicines, then make sure you have the following documents:

Have a look!

1. Company PAN number
2. IEC Number
3. Incorporation Certificate
4 WHO- GMP Certification
5. Bank Account details and other financial documents
6. Indian Trade Classification (HS) of the product
7. Canceled Cheque
8. Banker Certificate and other customs documents

If you have any queries about our company and services, then we are always ready to listen and give effective answers. Below are the contact details:

Contact Details:

Phone Number: + 91 93580 58013

Email ID:

Frequently Asked Questions About Nutraceutical Exports from India

Q1: Which is the best company for nutraceutical exports from India?

Ans: If you are in search of the best pharma company for nutraceuticals exports from India, then look no further than Secure Life Pharmaceuticals. Located in Uttar Pradesh, We are an emerging third-party nutraceutical manufacturing company that supplies premium and healthy quality products in all forms including tablets, capsules, syrups, sachets, etc. Moreover, we export ISO and GMP products to Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

Q2: What is the scope of Indian nutraceutical exports in the global pharmaceutical market?

Ans: According to the report presented by Investor Portal, the Indian market is estimated to grow to USD 11 Billion by the year 2023 at a CAGR of 21% and hold a 3.5% market share of the global nutraceutical market.

Q3: What documents are required to export pharma products from India?’

Ans: To export pharma products from India, the firm must have a Company PAN number, IEC Number, WHO- GMP Certification, Incorporation Certificate, Indian Trade Classification (HS) of the product, and other documents.

Q4: How can I contact Secure Life Pharmaceuticals?

Ans: If you want to know more about our company and our supplements, feel free to reach out to us by dialing + 91 93580 58013 or dropping your queries the email

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